Galerija Centar

Case overview

“Galerija Centar”, curated by a passionate female artist, serves as a beacon for contemporary art, drawing visitors into a world of profound expressions and visual narratives. While her artwork spoke volumes, her digital canvas needed refinement. The challenge was to create an online gallery that did justice to her masterpieces and the emotional depth they carry.

The Brief

The artist behind “Galerija Centar” envisioned a website that would:

  1. Authentically represent her artistic journey and the stories behind each creation.
  2. Offer a virtual tour, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the artwork from anywhere in the world.
  3. Provide an avenue for art enthusiasts to contact her for collaborations, purchases, or exhibitions.
  4. Showcase upcoming events, exhibitions, and workshops she’d be hosting or participating in.

Our Approach

  1. Discovery & Research: We delved into the art world’s digital realm, discerning what engages art lovers and fosters a deep connection between the artist and audience.
  2. Branding & Design System: Inspired by “Galerija Centar”‘s unique art style, we crafted a digital design language that’s both minimalistic, to let the art shine, and evocative, to capture the artist’s essence.
  3. Web Design: Using an airy layout, we ensured each artwork stands out. Subtle animations and interactive features brought the gallery to life, offering users an intimate experience with each piece.
  4. Web Development: A seamless integration of a contact form and an events calendar made it easy for visitors to reach out and stay updated.
  5. Brand Strategy: We put the artist’s journey at the forefront, highlighting her inspirations, processes, and the narratives of her artwork.

The Results

  1. Artful Web Engagement: The website became a favorite stop for art enthusiasts, providing a digital experience nearly as impactful as visiting the physical gallery.
  2. Increased Interaction: The approachable design and contact avenues led to a spike in collaboration inquiries, art purchases, and event participation.
  3. Powerful Brand Persona: Through the website, the artist’s voice echoed louder and clearer, building a distinct digital identity for “Galerija Centar”.
  4. Applause from the Art Community: The artist, her peers, and gallery visitors commended the website for its sensitivity to the art and the stories it tells.


Decrease in bounce rate


Increase in average session duration


Increase in page views