Esthetique Privé

Case overview

“Esthetique Privé” is a luxury beauty salon renowned for its world-class services and commitment to client satisfaction. While their in-salon experience was exceptional, their digital presence lagged behind. They sought a website that was as elegant and inviting as their physical establishment and echoed their passion for beauty and wellness.

The Brief

Esthetique Privé aspired for a website that would:

  1. Be mobile-responsive to cater to clients booking on-the-go.
  2. Offer a serene, user-friendly browsing experience reminiscent of their salon ambiance.
  3. Represent their brand ethos, combining luxury with a personal touch.
  4. Feature an intuitive appointment booking system for their range of services.

Our Approach

  1. Discovery & Research: We began by immersing ourselves in the beauty industry’s trends and client preferences. By evaluating leading salon websites, we recognized areas for innovation.
  2. Branding & Design System: Drawing from “Esthetique Priv锑s luxurious aesthetic, we developed a digital design language. This design system echoed the salon’s opulence while retaining usability.
  3. Web Design: Adopting a serene color palette and refined typography, the design mirrored the tranquility of a spa visit. Delicate transitions, soft graphics, and curated imagery uplifted the user experience.
  4. Web Development: Our choice of a flexible CMS allowed for easy service updates and integrated seamlessly with an online booking platform.
  5. Brand Strategy: The digital strategy was oriented towards accentuating “Esthetique Priv锑s unique selling propositions – their expert staff, diverse service range, and commitment to holistic beauty care.

The Results

  1. Enhanced Web Engagement: Post-launch, “Esthetique Privé” experienced a surge in website visitors, with many praising its aesthetic and functional charm.
  2. Streamlined Online Bookings: Clients found it easier to explore services and book appointments, leading to a more organized and efficient scheduling system.
  3. Reinforced Brand Identity: With a harmonized online and offline presence, “Esthetique Privé” fortified its position as a premier beauty destination.
  4. Overwhelming Positive Feedback: Clients and industry peers lauded the website for its sophisticated design, ease of navigation, and thoughtful integration of the salon’s essence.


Decrease in bounce rate


Increase in average session duration


Increase in page views